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Hi, I’m Akin A. Omotosho, and I help people start their own T-Shirt businesses, increase sales with Facebook/Instagram ads and eCommerce strategies. In June 2018, I started my T-Shirt business and in the first month I generated $2,575 in online T-Shirt Sales within 30 days, and now I am working with beginners to help get their T-Shirt brands off the ground. The main focus of the program is to create strong T-Shirt brands that are centered around either fulfillment or branding your own line. 

 In 2019, I helped my 4 sons launch their profitable t-shirt business in the comfort of our home. The third month of them being in business they generated $1,255 in online T-Shirt sales. As former financial auditor for a Big 4 Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm in my previous career, I now help my students focus on systems that can and will streamline their t-shirt business so they make money and not waste time.  I will guide you through a process that will provide you with proven strategies to build your t-shirt company.

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